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People said I couldn't do it, the collaborative style of illustration of my first book wouldn't work. Yet, I sold over a thousand copies of that 'I Love Myself' book which they said wouldn't work, and with no prior publishing experience too! Zilch. I then sold over 600 copies of my third book 'I Love My Dog' and am now planning to bring a ten part series to life via print, ultimately television, and I'd like to show you how to do the same via one on one coaching sessions or via an intensive six month package.


Together, let's help make your foray into the publishing arena a smooth one, one of total success.


To get started please head over to the coaching page to book your initial 30 or 60 minute coaching session or alternatively, email me at angela@truepotential to find out more about an intesive six month coaching package designer tailored for you.



"Angela has been a guiding light. I turned up to my first coaching session with her with manuscript in hand, and ever since she has been right there by my side offering supportive coaching sessions over the phone and in person.

First I completed my first book and self-published that and sold my first one hundred copies and then I completed my second and third book and published those on Amazon in Kindle format. With thanks to Angela my book publishing dream has come to life."

Murray Mahony




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