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People will often say that something can't be done. Yet I believe with passion, determination and pure grit you can make anything happen -- though it's definitely easier to have a support person by your side.


So whether it is a book inside of you wanting to come out or an idea that is waiting to burst forth, then please make contact to find out how best we can work together.




"Angela has been a great inspiration to me and is helping me to discover the true potential I possess, our sessions together are fruitful and productive. Thank you Angela for your guidance and may my success be your success as well"

Graham Morrissey



"Angela has been a guiding light. I turned up to my first coaching session with her with manuscript in hand, and ever since she has been right there by my side offering supportive coaching sessions over the phone and in person.

First I completed my first book and self-published that and sold my first one hundred copies and then I completed my second and third book and published those on Amazon in Kindle format. With thanks to Angela my book publishing dream has come to life."

Murray Mahony


"At the time that I started seeing Angela for coaching I was seeking something more for my life, but I didn't quite know what that looked like or how to make it happen.

Coaching with Angela gave me that 'know how'. It allowed me to step into a place of courage and the true me started to shine in the world.

As it happens, I literally ended up travelling the world, meeting my life partner and embracing the life work that makes my heart sing.

Angela is a genius coach: effective, intuitive, practical and kind. Seek her out like I did and you'll be glad that you did, and your life will change!"

Emily Gan




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