True Potential Books:


are written from the heart and are designed to add a sparkle and a sense of delight to your day.


Surely with each individual message upon the page being uplifting and thought provoking, one day, love will abound .


  I Love Myself

is a non-fiction educational book for children and adults exploring self-worth and confidence issues that arise in everyday living. Currently available in Kindle format only:

  I Love Mum and Dad

is a non-fiction educational book that assists children to celebrate and enjoy their relationship with each of their parents in tough times and in good. To order your copy, please click here


I Love My Dog

is an interactive and educational picture book for children. With the inclusion of the 'Charlie's Safety Tips' found at the back of the book, it is a must have book for any family with a dog and/or a child. To order your copy, please click here

  I Am That, I Am...

Is a motivational book for adults about the power of positive thinking and affirmation. To order your copy please click here

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