Angela Smith:


We all have that spark of potential within us; an idea, a dream that we would like to bring to life, yet no matter how good the idea or our talent, sometimes we've had the wind knocked out of our sales... so much so that we've lost our way, our confidence. That was me. That was my story through and through. That's why I know what it feels like and which steps to take next.


Like you, I'd felt the intutive burst of an idea, had started to create something that felt amazing and then I lost my way, my sparkle. My dream was still inside of me though I wasn't living it. I'd measured myself by my circumstances... finances, lack of finances that had come about via the choices I had made in life. I needed help to turn my state of helplessness around. I needed to find my spark again, and I did. It happened with support, lots of it that I sought for myself.


And that's why I stand here today ready to hold the space for you so that you too can reignite your dream; not the dream that others necessarily hold for you. Not the 'warped dream' that may currently define your reality of lack.


Together let's turn the True Potential of that dream around to one of success, vitality and achievement. You deserve it, you are so worthy.


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