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I hadn't planned on becoming an author though life obviously had other plans and what with my son just at school and with some prompting from a friend I began to write and continue to write to this day (10 years on). I also offer coaching sessions on 'How to Bring Your Book to Print' and on 'How to Bring your Idea/s to Life'.

And following my own personal passion for children, I also work in that arena too in the role of nanny/carer...




Individual Coaching Sessions where we focus on bringing your idea to life and/or book/s to print, whether it be small or big, leaving no stone unturned. We also offer motivational books for sale.


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Available in kindle format from Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/nw6xalq.


For printed Soft-cover purchasing, click here. Please note that 'I Love Myself' is no longer available in a printed format but Kindle version only. With a limited number of copies of 'I Love Mum and Dad' available too so get in quick ;-).






Former Hon Educational Minister - Chris Carter


"I commend 'I Love Myself' for its efforts to address self esteem and interpersonal skills in our young people. Advising the New Zealand Curriculum outlines five key competencies people use to live, learn, work and contribute as active members of their communities. These include managing self and relating to others, competencies which 'I Love Myself' clearly promotes."



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Inspirational Books

Life Coaching

Book Coaching



"Love for Love's Sake" by Angela Smith. [Read Article]

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"Parenting with Consciousness,
Love & Compassion"
by Angela Smith
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